25"W - 9"H - 5"D
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This ( 25"W - 9"H - 5"D ) rock is really a wind vane and why it is called "Witch Way Rock" as the broom bristles tend to aim the broom into the wind.   It is all hung from a swivel and it needed a Witch to go with the broom.   The Witch is made of Rocks, except for the hair and hat and she is sitting on a broom made from a bent tree branch along with a handful of bristles cut from and old broom.   The black cat is also made of rocks and is along for the ride.   That completed my "Wind Director" except for the comment or flying tip on how to best ride a broom, which came from (Julie) a local waitress, that clued me in on this fact.   When I took this rock to that restaurant to display it, there was a hint of embarrassment, but a lot of chuckles as they all appreciated and understood it as just some Rock humor.
The signs read:


(Wind Director)

They called the wind Mariah.
I tell you witch way she blows.
My broom always heads up wind.
Witch Rocks, don't wear panties,
to grip the broom handle better.
This is a good flying tip for all
the new witches learning to fly.

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