12"W - 18"H - 3"D
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This ( 12"W - 18"H - 3"D ) rock is obviously built around an acorn!   The cap of the acorn is made from a Pine slab and the body which has a curve to give it some 3D effect, is also from a Pine slab with many, many acorn caps attached and filled with grinning "A-Corny Rocks" that have kicked the nuts out, to make a home for themselves.   A few acorns were not kicked out, to allow them to hang around and fill the scene along with some Oak Leaves to add to the color and decor.   The next time you go out looking for acorns, you may be surprised to see something looking up at you from the ground, with a Corny Smile.   But, not to worry, they are just a bunch of "A-Corny Rocks" and I would bet they will bring a smile to your face, followed by a little chuckle.   What do you think?   Corny!   Huh?     Best of all, we are not being over run with Oak Trees, thanks to these rocks, kicking the nuts out of the Oak seeds.
The signs read:


We need some Corny Rocks, to help us with our daily chuckle.
Found only under Oak trees, always looking up with Corny smiles.
All "A-Corny Rocks" make their homes in an acorn cap, only after
kicking the nuts out of them, to make a spot for themselves.
They take over acorn caps, like Hermit Crabs take over seashells.
Thank the "A-Corny Rocks" for kicking the nuts out of Oak seeds.
Without their help, we would for sure, be over run with Oak Trees.

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