9"W - 22"H - 6"D
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This ( 9"W - 22"H - 6"D ) rock came about when I found this tree knot hole, just as you see it, with very little left from decay, but it looked like something should have lived in it at one time and if so, why not a Hoot-In Rock?   I needed to mount it on something to support what was left of the decayed knot and chose an old barn board, which I then mounted the Hoot-In Rock in, that has eyes made of a white and black rock, ears of birch bark, beak from 2 yellow rocks, wings from some local road-kill partridge feathers and finally it needed something to eat.   Why not a Rocky Rat made of rocks, leather ears, tail, legs and a pepper corn nose?   I added a few mush rooms for decor, and now you have a Hoot-In-Rock, that don't even give a HOOT!
The signs read:


He can't really give a Hoot,
because Rocks don't Hoot.

His diet is Rocky Rats, it gives
him that rocky eyed look.

Hoot-In Rocks, like to nest
in old hollow tree knots.

They don't sound like owls,
and just don't give a Hoot!

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