6"W - 24"H - 5"D
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This ( 6"W - 24"H - 5"D ) rock was one of the first of many toys the cave men made to entertain their children (dirt bunnies) with, that made use of common and plentiful items.   Rocks and Stones! A friction wheel mounted inside a hollowed out mushroom provides the drive to make the stone roll, when you pull on either of the stones attached to the cords that drive the friction wheel.   The signs are round to tie in with rolling, and there is a grape vine around the main sign.   A hoop painted black provided the rail that prevents the stone from rolling off the mushroom.   Everything is mounted on a sliver of cedar wood and a few small mushrooms along with a grinning rock add to the decor.
The signs read:


The Original "Rolling Stone".
Cave men used this to entertain their
dirt bunnies as it took the place of a Yo-Yo.
Continued use gradually made the stones smaller and
rounder which finally lead up to the game of marbles
once they had found out they got smaller and plentiful.
A singing group heard of the Rolling Stone and decided
to name their group after it.     "The Rolling Stones".

Pull the Right Stone down for Counter Clock Wise.
Pull the Left Stone down for Clock Wise.
Replace this one with a new stone when you
find out this one is getting too small.
Place it in your Marble bag.

Clock                             Counter
Wise                              Clock

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