13"W - 19"H - 10"D
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This ( 13"W - 19"H - 10"D ) rock has two palm sized pair of rocks, (2 pounds each) neatly cradled in two sockets formed in a large tree mush room that is mounted on a part of an old fence post.   There are two grinning rocks looking down over the Camel Rocks to make sure that they are replaced in the proper Right and Left sockets after being used.   Who said the Right socket has to be on your Right?   There are also a few smaller mushrooms added for decor.   The Arabians have been working to improve the water mileage on their camels for years, much like the auto makers work to improve our gas mileage and a lot of pain is involved in different ways.   The Arabians, have rocked their Camels for years, causing them great pain, and all that we ever do with Camels, is smoke them, which cause people a great amount of pain, called Cancer.   Which do you think is worst?
The signs read:

Arabian Mileage Misers
( Improves The Water Milage )

RIGHT                     LEFT

How To Safely Rock -A- Camel.

Get more miles between water hole stops, in the desert.
Will only work on male camels with a testis or testes.
Wait until your camel is drinking water, then move in
behind him with two of these special "Camel Rocks".
Hold the "Camel Rocks" firmly in your hands, and then
smack the camel's testes between the two "Camel Rocks".
The camel will suck hard, due to immense pain, causing
the camel to take on twice the water it normally does.
Extra water means you will get extra miles between stops.
Different colors are so, Right and Left don't get mixed up.
Size selected by Nader to assure your digits don't get hurt.
Be sure to take a set of "Camel Rocks" with you in the
desert, as you will probably not find any rocks out there.
CAUTION: Be sure to keep your thumbs out of the way
when using the "Camel Rocks", to prevent personal pain.

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