10"W - 15"H - 9"D
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This ( 10"W - 15"H - 9"D ) rock was the Original Wisconsin Power Ball selector which I found still mounted on an old fence post in a back forty and I just cut the post off and put it on display.   NOT exactly!   The Power Ball itself, is just the way I found it though.   I mounted a chunk of hollow log to a fence post that still has barb wire and an insulator on it.   I had to add a row of small rocks at the inner edge to prevent the Power Ball from falling out as you turn the Crank made of an electric fence insulator. Being there is just one ball, the Odds are 1 in 1 as stated. I added a row of grinning rocks around the edge to keep an eye on the person at the crank to keep the results honest.   A mushroom adds to the decor.   Just turn the crank 4 turns and remove the winning ball for the results.
The sign reads:


( Original Wisconsin Power Ball )
Turn the white crank to mix the number.
This Lotto picks a Winner every time.
Odds are 1 in 1 you will Lose every time.
This Game Funded the First Native Casinos.
All Future ticket proceeds from this game
go to Don, Charity, or what ever you call me.
Good Luck!   I Hope You Win!

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