24"W - 24"H - 12"D
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This ( 24"W - 24"H - 12"D ) rock spider is sitting on a web she just spun and about to devour two Rock Flys that got caught in the web.   It also likes Curds and Whey when Little Miss Muffit is around.   These spiders which are about 6 inches across lay their eggs under the bark of Maple trees and when they hatch you will see large bulges in the limbs of the tree, as you can see here, where a number of young spiders are about to hatch out.   The spider body is two brown, flat round rocks, with a small black rock head and two halves of a white rock for fangs.   The flys are made of a brown rock body with a white rock head, some plastic wings and twisted wire legs.   The Red window painted on the spiders body is to remind you of a Black Widow and it being poisonous.   Hey! The bulges are not really baby spiders ready to hatch. :)   I just thought they were an unusual background to make it a little more interesting.
The sign reads:

This Rock loves Curds and Whey and a Fly or Two as you can see.
It is a far more poisonous then a Black Widow, and much larger.
It lays its eggs under the bark of Maple trees causing these large bulges.
You don't see "Little Miss Muffit" around here.   Can you blame her?
She had to leave when the spider sat down beside her.   Remember?
Next time you see these bulges on a Maple tree.   Look for webs.

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