6"W - 10"H - 5"D
Pic 89 not Yet Available
This ( 6"W - 10"H - 5"D ) rock has been kissed by the Sun and has the classic easy pour spout provided, as it sits on a large tree mush room that is mounted on an old barn board that still has some blue gray paint remaining and a grinning rock along with some smaller mush rooms add to its. decor.   Should one remove the cap, there is sand inside to provide you the traction that it mentions on the sign.
The sign reads:


Son-Kisted for only your satisfaction.
Made from 100% Rock Concentrate.
Now with an Easy Pour cap provided.
Always, shake it well before using.
No need to refrigerate after opening.
Guaranteed to be like Real Rock.
Excellent for improving your traction.
( Ingredients: Silica, Time, and Pressure,
with NO artificial color or preservatives.)

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This Rock creation is presented for your entertainment by Don McClellan
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