9"W - 24"H - 10"D
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This ( 9"W - 24"H - 10"D ) stone is the earliest version of our modern gringing stone which Fleet Foot the cave boy had mounted on a tree near his cave.   The grinding stone has bones fastened to the ends, with pine pitch, the earliest version of our modern hot melt glue.   This forms the shaft and crank, which is set in a tree crotch that makes up the bearings.   There is a small hatchet suspended in front to show you how it works.   This is made of a piece of hammered metal blade and held in place on the handle with twine and pine pitch.   A few grinning rocks and mushrooms add to the decor.
The sign reads:


Fleet Foot the cave boy's first mechanical invention.
Fore runner of the modern Industrial Grinding Stone.
Used to sharpen the first metal objects, such as
Spears, Knives, Hooks, Axes, and Hatchets.
Still in use today by many people and in Industry.
They just added motors, gauges, controls and a lot
of "Nader" guards, to protect us from ourselves.

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