11"W - 28"H - 4"D
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This ( 11"W - 28"H - 4"D ) rock which is somewhat described in detail below, is a rather Lenghty, Negative but, usually True situation.   Did you ever notice when you go to use one of the drivers, if you purchased any, that the shaft isn't long enough to reach the screw because it is usually counter sunk?   Did you notice the extensions available are too fat to reach down the counter sinks?   Did you notice if you purchase one of the many kits available, that the screw you need to turn has a new or different driver required then what you just purchased?   Some are two tangs, three tang, four tang, or five tang.   Some are for driving in, while others are for driving out.   Then there is a wide range of sizes for each category and a range of lenght's up to the need for an extension that is always too fat to use, it seems.   When you finally get the right combination, it never fails that the screw you try to remove has been stripped, requiring some more tools.   It appears the architects are out to sell tools by designing a new screw and the need for a new driver every few months, or they load a screw driver up with every tip that you will never use hoping you never find the right one.   NUF SAID!   Dang, it make one angry!   So now you have a Rock Head Screw.
The signs read:

This Old ScrewDriver, was found on a street in Beloit, Wisconsin, which is in
Rock County.   The Rock for the Rock Head Screw is also from Beloit, County WI.
This brought together and created the idea of a need for a Rock Head Screw.
Why Not!   We just beat the Architects to the latest Screw or Screw Job.
Most of us started out with a Flat Blade Screw which progressed to the Phillips
Head and then to a Hex head Screw, always being told the latest is the Best with a
ton of reasons why we need it and the driver to go with it.
Then, it seems the Architects went wild, and I will not try to name all the various
screws they came up with since, as I have been a victim, like you and many others,
purchasing many of these useless drivers that never fit the screw that you have a
need to turn, at the moment.   I own 56 of these different, many useless drivers.

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