30"W - 60"H - 15"D
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This (30" x 60" x 15") 130 # Pound Rock greets everyone that drives by our house, as it stands tirelessly, day and night, rain or shine, at the edge of the road WARNING passing cars to watch out for rocks that might be crossing this busy town road.   A gently breeze makes the hand wave and you can almost hear him say HI!   Some cars stop, but I think its just to look at this Rock, and not to avoid those rocks crossing in the middle of the night.   Notice, he is well prepared with a straw hat for the heat of a sunny day and rain boots to weather any wet storm.
The sign reads: ROCK CROSSING

11/27/2002 He got dressed for Christmas HO, HO, HO!
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07/04/2003 He got dressed to honor the country!
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04/09/2004 He got dressed for Easter!
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