6"W - 18"H - 7"D
Pic 74 not Yet Available
This ( 6"W - 18"H - 7"D ) rock or rocks start out on top, with a 3 inch rock on a spring that bobs up and down inside a coil of grape vine.   Below and hanging from a large rusty spike is another, or the true Bungy Rock that is attached to a coil spring and held by a magnet until you touch his nose as it says in the sign.   When you touch the nose the magnet releases the rock which then free falls toward the floor six feet below, only to stop an inch short and rebounding back up and down a number of times.   This is all mounted on an old barn board with a few rusty nails for rustic decor.   The bungy spring and magnet are concealed within the piece of sage wood between the two rocks.
The signs read:
I'm a Bungy Rock and we like to
do stupid things like humans do.
Jump, just to see if a bungy cord will
save us from smashing our head.
Make me Bungy by touching my nose!
What a thrill it is, just to take a spill.

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This Rock creation is presented for your entertainment by Don McClellan
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