9"W - 15"H - 9"D
Pic 73 not Yet Available
This ( 9"W - 15"H - 9"D ) rock which is about 15 pounds, has a face on the back side with large eyes and a big smile that can be seen each revolution on its axis.   It spins for a while due to ball bearings under it and has the typical blaze orange slow moving symbol used by most farm vehicles.   The bottom line is that what you often see is not always true.   This is not really a Slow Moving Rock at the speeds it is traveling.   Deceptive, isn't it?
The signs read:
If this Rock were at the equator, look at how slow it really is.

It will be moving 1040 Miles Per Hour as the Earth spins on its axis.
It is also moving 66,600 Miles Per Hour as the Earth orbits the Sun.
Plus, 558,000 Miles Per Hour as our Solar System orbits the Milky Way.
Plus, 666,000 Miles Per Hour as the Milky Way orbits the Local Galaxies.
It is moving in all these different directions, at all these speeds, all at once.
You can now see, that the Slow Moving Rock, is really not slow!
If you could stand still, this Rock is a real mover!
Motion cannot be measured without a reference point.
Besides all this.   This Rock spins on its own axis.   Try it!

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