6"W - 14"H - 5"D
Pic 70 not Yet Available
This ( 6"W - 14"H - 5"D ) rock is really a number of small rocks in a Scotch glass, sitting on an upsidedown tree mushroom serving as a shelf, with other unusual mushroom shapes and a rusty nail all attached to a rotten barn board found in a nieghbors barnyard, complete with a spot of undisturbed sparrow dung all adding to the rustic look.   It satisfies that phrase often heard from Scotch drinkers, I'll have it.   "On-The-Rocks"!
The signs read:
Scotch On
The Rocks
Want a Cool way
to get Stoned?
Just Hit the Rocks!

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This Rock creation is presented for your entertainment by Don McClellan
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