17"W - 40"H - 17"D
Pic 66 not Yet Available
This ( 17"W - 40"H - 17"D ) rock has a slot clean through a solid rock that allows one to pass coins and bills through solid rock should they want to.   It is not meant to ask for donations, as the most important thing I appreciate are comments in the log or guest book.   The Donor Rock is setting on a pine slab, that is on top of a very unusual 3 foot hollow log, that has barbed wire and insulators grown into it, but more unusual is the oblong opening in the hollow log.   There are bills and coins suspended in the hollow to look like money falling down, which ends up in a round ball at the base. There is a bucket on the right to accept any unusual rocks and stones a person might want to donate.   Most of the cash that falls through the slot, is from my getting rid of loose change when ever I enter the room.   Remember!   to add a comment in my On-Line Guest book!   Thanks!
The signs read:
Any donations are accepted at the Donor Rock.
Rocks, Stones, Ideas, Comments or Cash!
Most Important are your Comments!   NOT Cash!
Place your Ideas and Comments in the Visitor Log.
Place any unusual Rocks and Stones to the right.
Remember!   Any cash that passes through solid rock,
comes back ten-fold.   What a great return!   1000%
The Donor Slot will accept any denominations.
The bigger the donation the better your return.

Send Me Your Comments About This Rock   Its always appreciated.   Thanks!

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This Rock creation is presented for your entertainment by Don McClellan
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