6"W - 16"H - 5"D
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This ( 6"W - 16"H - 5"D ) stone is really four parts of one Stone or Quarters, mounted above a pine slab, each painted a different color, Red, Orange, Green and Blue to assure they are separate.   The statement being made here is, why not allow Quarter Stones, with all the other Quarters out there?   Now you know what Quarter Stones are all about, if someone should ask you.
The signs reads:
Quarter Stone
Why not have a Quarter Stone, as we have many other Quarters.
Four Quarters make up a Whole, and a Hole is really nothing.
That would mean all of these Quarters listed here, are really nothing

Quarter Pounder = Burger                Quarter Pound = Measure
Quarter Dollar = Money                Quarter Deck = Ship
Quarter Horse = Breed                Quarter Master = Navy
Quarter Barrel = Beer                Quarter Final = Games
Quarter Year = Season                Quarter Back = Football
Quarter Cup = Cooking                Close Quarters = Tight Squeeze
Quarter Mile = Distance                Drawn & Quartered = Torture
Front Quarter = Animal                Quarter Hour = Time
Sleeping Quarters = Lodging                Quarter Acre = Land
Quarter Staff = Weapon                Quarter Note = Music
Quarter Step = Dance                Quarter Phase = Electricity
Quarter Point = Compass                Quarter Section = Land
Quarter Moon = Astrology                Quarter Grain = Lumber
Quarter Crack = Lame Leg                Quarter Round = Molding
Cry Quarter = Beg Mercy                Quarter Session = Court
Quarter Bushel = Measure                Quarter Stone = Why Not?

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