7"W - 24"H - 7"D
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This ( 7"W - 24"H - 7"D ) attractive rock which weighs 12 Pounds, has a Gold clip and chain to make it easy to wear and will really work, as it works on your mind to cause the loss you really desire.    The only challenge is to getting a person to wear it, because they know it will inconvenience them, remind them and embarrass them, which means they would be required to lose weight.   The most effective or best ingredient in any weight loss program is still controlling the mind.   This simply does it!   The cost is ONLY $450.00 dollars, plus shipping, but it works!  I forgot to mention, when you use it and lose the weight you set out to lose.   Simply return the Capsule, with your testimonial of how well it worked and you will receive a $440.00 rebate.   How can you lose?   This is how, and all for $10.00 dollars.
The signs reads:
12 LB. Diet Rock capsules. Guaranteed to work if you use them.
Simple clip one or more of these 12 LB. capsules on your belt.
Wear in public to remind you and embarrass you to lose weight.
Pick the weight you want to lose, then wear these capsules to lose.
Weight Loss   V/S   Capsule Chart
Amount to lose        Capsules Needed
12 Pounds                1
24 Pounds                2
36 Pounds                3
48 Pounds                4
60 Pounds                5
CAUTION: To prevent losing your britches its not
recommended that you try to lose over 60 LBS. at a time.

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