8"W - 10"H - 4"D
Pic 60 not Yet Available
This ( 8"W - 10"H - 4"D ) rock is mounted in a 4 inch chunk of a hollow tree that has a small bar spanning the gap and holding this net with a number of "Flintstone Shooters" that is tied shut with a leather string.   Flintstone the cave boy, had left these to be found, and we verified they are authentic, through finger prints left on a smooth shooter, and a small amount dehydrated sweat we had DNA tests run on.   The grinning rock, is guarding to make sure the "Flintstone Shooters" are not taken by anyone, due to their rare, and precious content.
The signs read:


The all natural shooters.   One of a kind!
For down to earth, from the earth shots.
The first Marble games started with these.

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