9"W - 11"H - 3"D
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This ( 9"W - 11"H - 3"D ) rock is mounted on a piece of paneling and to get a different background, I cut a cedar branch into 1/4 inch slices and attached them behind the "Sham - Rocks".   The silver shamrock in the middle, is mounted about 1 inch above the cedar slices and has a "Sham - Rock" made of four different color rocks to represent the four elements that that keep us all going, day, after day, after day.   If you are not getting your share of LUCK, it could be because you don't have your "Lucky Rock" yet.   

This is, the "Home of the Lucky Rock's" you know.   Don't you?

The signs read:


HOPE            FAITH            LOVE            LUCK

This is Not a Sham!
These are 4 important "Sham - Rocks"
One rock is for Hope.
One rock is for Faith.
One rock is for Love.
Then God put another one in just for Luck.
look around you to see all the luck he gives you.

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