6"W - 10"H - 9"D
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This ( 6"W - 10"H - 9"D ) rock is sitting on a branch that is covered with natural fungus, waiting for a passing guest to walk by.   You can see he is wide eyed and bushy tailed and sporting a mouth full of teeth and a back full of needles, ready to defend himself.   His tail and body are solid rock, while the needles are thorn apple spikes as a result of eating the bark.   If he is solid rock and looks like a Porky Pine, what else could it be but a "Rocky Pine"?   These little creatures are cute and abundant in this area.   Although I have seen a few stoned, people around here, I have not yet, seen any stone people with needles on there face.   Maybe it is just a rumor, on what happens getting pricked by a "Rocky Pine"?
The sign reads:


This little animal loves thorn apples and the bark,
is what makes the needles grow.
Rumor has it, if you get pricked by this animal, you
develop spines on your face like these spines.
Fear Not!   Because you usually turn to stone, before you
notice the needles on your face.
The biggest fear is being infected with Aids by it prick,
due to the use of its dirty needles.

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