8"W - 20"H - 7"D
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This ( 8"W - 20"H - 7"D ) rock which is the head of this "Corner Stone" who just stands in the corner, wide eyed looking at everyone that enters the room to enjoy themselves.   The body, arms and legs are all made from a growth found on some trees in the area.   The only questionable habit the "Corner Stone" has, is it smokes a corn cob pipe.   He has rock ears, a rock nose and two big pink, rock lips.   The eyes and eye balls, are two roll-on deodorant balls stuck inside two panty hose containers.   This allows him to actually roll his eyes at you.
The signs read:


Something needs to fill this corner.   Why not have it be a Corner Stone?
Important buildings have Corner Stones.   Some are dated, some dedicated.
Important people are often called a Corner Stone to society.
Some are pillars to their community, others are just pills.
A Corner Stone is often referred to as the main part of something.
I am the Corner Stone to this place.   I'm not a pillar and I'm not A pill.
I'm not dated, but I'm dedicated to watching you enjoy yourself.

P. S.   If you think I look Dumb, its only because I smoke.

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