5"W - 15"H - 4"D
Pic 54 not Yet Available
This ( 5"W - 15"H - 4"D ) rock is mounted on a pine slab with a large mush room for a shelf to hold the "Bang Rock".   It has a floral mush room with a grinning rock sitting on it, watching for the surprise on a persons face when they find out just how heavy this little 3 inch rock can be.   Its not the weight of the rock that gets your attention, its the bang you get out of it, when you pick it up.   That activates the firing of a cap, and "BANG" you might drop the rock.   Curiosity, worked on your emotions again!   You just needed to see what eight pounds felt like, in a three inch rock.   Right?
The signs read:


Get a bang out of this Rock, without lighting it.
The size is deceiving!   It's only 3 inches long,
But weighs in at over Eight heavy pounds.
Some dropped this rock due to unexpected
Circumstances when they try to lift it.

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This Rock creation is presented for your entertainment by Don McClellan
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