24"W - 18"H - 17"D
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This ( 24"W - 18"H - 17"D ) rock is mounted on an old chunk of drift wood and has a number of mush rooms and some pussy willows added for decor, but the rocks are unusual in that when they start to move you will see willow spiders, which are crawling all over this drift wood because one of the rocks is continually moving, the one to the right of the sign hanging on a web.   I have provide a blown up photo of the spiders so you can see their detail.   They might look friendly but are very poisonous.   The pussy willows are just Willow Spider Larva, so think twice when you pick them in the spring as you might be bringing a lot of Willow Spiders into your home.
The sign reads:


These rocks are often placed around shrubs and walk ways as decoration.
Willow Spiders will usually show up in the spring when the
Willow Spider Rocks start to shake, jump or move.
Some pick, Fuzzy Pussy Willows, attached in rows to willow twigs.
These are only young Willow Spider larvas waiting for their eyes
and legs to form, as they mature while warming in the sun.
When the Willow Spider Rocks begin to move, only then, will you
be able to see the Willow Spiders.   A very friendly, but poisonous spider.
Don't get too close!   Because if they bite you.   You will turn to stone!

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