7"W - 8"H - 7"D
Pic 51 not Yet Available
This ( 7"W - 8"H - 7"D ) rock is really the only one I purchased, because I thought it fit so well with all the others on display.   Like I say on the caption anyone can purchase one.   I did mention that it is not "One of a Kind" which is not totally true, as I needed to modify it.   It seems the manufacturer never tryed out the rock, as it falls over when it spins, due to lack of weight.   I added four rocks for feet you can see, which acually are weight also to prevent it from tipping over and then I added some eye balls so it could see you.   It spins both ways as it sings "That Ole Time Rock and Roll" with its mouth moving in sinc to the music and is activated by walking past it or by pushing the button on his forehead.   That hand you see, belongs to me, it's not a part of the rock. :)
The sign reads:


This is a purchased Rock, and it fits right
in with all the other friendly Rocks here.

It's really different, in only one way!

"One Of A Kind" is not, part of its personality.
( Anyone can purchase them )

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