12"W - 14"H - 6"D
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This ( 12"W - 14"H - 6"D ) rock is "Rocko" or FleetFoot the cave boys pet and he has some very modern accessories to help keep him in line.   Items such as a Muzzle, Bark Control, Collar, Leash and even tags to show he has gotten the latest shots.   You can see, he is well fed and there is a left over bone in front of him to show that.   He also has a comfortable house made of paneling and pine slabs, so he really is in need of nothing, but still continues to bare his teeth at everyone that passes by.   The term "Wag the Rock" is a takeoff from the movie "Wag the Dog" and needed to be included because rocks don't have tails to wag.
The signs read:




( "ROCKO")
You won't hear any barking, because of the effective bark Controller being used.
Rocko, tries to bite everyone but, "Not to worry"
the muzzle prevents his mean bite.
Should he get his muzzle off, don't be overly concerned,
because he had all his shots.
Rocko won't wag his tail, because rocks don't have tails,
so you will have to wag the rock.

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