18"W - 19"H - 7"D
Pic 48 not Yet Available
This ( 18"W - 19"H - 7"D ) stone mounted on an old fence post with a sliver of unusual wood as a cross piece, is showing you just how stones come into existance.   They really are hatched you know and full grown.   This is like a time photo of their progression from seed pod to hatched out.   There is also a seed pod at the bottom, sitting on a mush room shelf that a person can pick up and shake to hear the stone move around inside the pod, before it hatches.   Two grinning rocks sit on the shelf to prevent the seed pod from rolling off and there are a number of small tree mush rooms added for decor.
The signs read:


Stones are hatched as you see them here, full grown.
You will rarely see the stones eyes as they have them
closed tightly to keep the sand and dirt out of them.
Rocks again, are simply a chip off some old Boulder.

Please Don't Touch! If You Must
Handle, Shake or feel a Seed.

Use       Me!

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