6"W - 39"H - 5"D
Pic 46 not Yet Available
This ( 6"W - 39"H - 5"D ) rock is about a 4 pound rock mounted on a solid steel shaft and has a real birch handle allowing you to maintain a good grip.   There is a golf ball mounted on top the handle to remind you what you are attempting to hit.   There are also two birdies to remind you of the results you are looking for.   The rock front has a flat spot, giving you a sweet spot and good angle on the ball.   This one will really exersize some muscles you have not used in a while.    Good Luck on your next game, as you should be the laugh of the green.
The sign reads:


Guaranteed to improve your game.
TEE off your next swing, for a stone throw to the hole.
Don't be satisfied with a Birdie in one.   Get two Birdies in one!
This club has the worlds largest sweet spot, with a 10 degree launch angle.
From now on you can Hit your balls Harder, Higher, Faster and Farther.
Use of this Club, will surely add a Super Kick, to get your balls airborne.
The only Kick in the balls that will never hurt you.   You'll get a Kick out of it.

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This Rock creation is presented for your entertainment by Don McClellan
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