15"W - 12"H - 5"D
Pic 45 not Yet Available
This ( 15"W - 12"H - 5"D ) rock, which is mounted behind the deer horns, is painted one half blaze orange to let you know its the hunters colors.   The actual rack of horns have lag screws extending from the base to allow you to screw them into your deer, if its a doe, so you can register it with no problem as a legal buck.   This way you get a buck every year.   You might need to make some gender modifications to fool some DNR people.   There is a actual flint arrow head mounted at the top left and also a flint arrow head mounted on a broken shaft, cradled in the rack of horns.   The rifle round is to represent gun season, the arrow head is for bow season and the broken shaft represent native hunting season.   This is all mounted on some paneling.
The signs read:

Bow & Arrow                            Rifle or Gun
Season-Camo                           Season-Blaze

Shoot-A-Doe      then      Make-A-Buck
2 Piece KIT: Only $125.00
Get yourself a Buck every Year!
Instructions: Locate positions to place horns.   Drill a 1/8th inch pilot hole in the
skull for each horn.  Screw the horn into the pilot hole and fluff hair at the base to
better hide modification from DNR.   Make gender modifications as needed.
Register your deer as a Buck.   Take many pictures of it, then brag, brag, and brag.

NOTE: The Rack or Horns are Non-Eatable anyway!   Mfg.   What-A-Rack-It. Inc.

Native Season
Any Time or Color

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