7"W - 12"H - 2"D
Pic 44 not Yet Available
This ( 7"W - 12"H - 2"D ) rock is mounted on a piece of paneling and the guard has a metal spear hammered out of a steel rod.   He is sitting on a larger chunk of quartz while guarding my pride and joy.   A small chain and gem are attached to the right of the hinged front panel sign which drops down to expose a picture of my pride and joy and the second sign, when you pull on the chain.   There is a 24 carrot gold rock sitting to the guards right, just to show you he take serious his job of guarding valuables.   Don't he look serious?
The signs read:


This ROCK Guards
My Pride and Joy!
24 Hours a Day!
7 Days a Week!
Pull the chain to expose My real Pride & Joy!

(after pulling the chain, the following is exposed.)
Click this link to see my "Pride and Joy"

P.S. if you have a Pesky Salesman
bothering you when your in any store.
Tell him, your looking for a bottle of
"PRIDE" Furniture Polish.
You will have sent him on a wild goose
chase, looking for Pride.   It don't exist!
Now you can experience the real "JOY"
if shopping by yourself.   Try It!   It works!

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