11"W - 15"H - 2"D
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This ( 11"W - 15"H - 2"D ) rock is a 1 inch thick piece of flag stone with a suit case handle attached to make it easy to carry as you travel around the country.   A few discarded cloths and an old leather I.D. tag add to the luggage look.   This "Travel Rock" as you can see would have many, many uses to make your travel experience complete.
The signs read:



Have you heard all of the, have something will travel?   Have Rock will travel!
A Guaranteed conversation starter. Carry it with you always to get results.
Excellent Ice Breaker.   For icy conversations, Ice Cubes, or any Icy situation.
Convienient carry on luggage.   Compact, Multi purpose, One-of-a-kind.
An Emergency window opener.   Use in a Car, on a Plane, or even in your Home.
Excellent Mugger protection.   They will never know what hit them.
A Rock pickers delight.   Just bend down, pick them up and carry them away.
The True Legal concealed weapon.   How can they call it a weapon?   But it is!
Could delay flights at airports, as scanners determine the luggage contents.
The ultimate "Rouge Cop" stopper.
Hang this in your kitchen and throw out the Rolling Pin and Fry Pan for hubby.
Emergency weight lifting hardware.   Comes in many sizes, shapes, or weights.
Just Pop in oven, then slide between your sheets to warm your bed each night.
Use to hold down your loose papers when you travel.   A Traveling Paperweight.
Take it with you shopping, then you can demand Rock bottom pricing, or else.
Excellent decorative, but convienient door stopper, and ready as a crime stopper.
You can always use it as a Gift, for the one that complains they have everything.

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