6"W - 15"H - 9"D
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This ( 6"W - 15"H - 9"D ) rock is fashioned after a typical baby pacifier, except the rock used here is about a 4 inch rock.   A piece of a tree trunk with a stub branch remaining is used to hang the "Rock-A-Fier" from and there are a number of mush rooms added for decor with a small grinning rock to over look things.
The signs read:


Invented by cavemen before rockers and cradles.
Early rock age version of our modern pacifier.
Was used when told to rock the baby to sleep.
It was large enough to plug the biggest mouth.
Heavy enough to hold the baby down and pacify them.
The natural grit helped to sharpen the baby's teeth.
Regular use enlarged the mouth to prevent holding cigarettes.
Used in teen years to control a teen with a rap on the noggin.
Possible early version of our cops blackjack or billy club.
Abundance raw materials allowed sizes to fit many situations.
The "Rock-A-Bye Baby" tune came from this early invention.

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