10"W - 17"H - 6"D
Pic 41 not Yet Available
This ( 10"W - 17"H - 6"D ) rock is fashioned after the well known soap on a rope, except it has a nice soap bar sized rock attached to a nylon cloths line.   The hanger it has as a background is a root of a tree, found at the edge of the river.   There is a grinning rock with a tuffed of fur for hair, sitting as a guard over the "Rock-On-A-Rope" to make sure the user replaces it so the next person can use it when needed.
The sign reads:

"ROCK - ON - A - ROPE"

It's like "Soap-On-A-Rope".
You can't lose it!
Great conversation piece.
Wear it on your neck when
you go out shopping or dining.
Everyone will ask about it.
Doubles as personal protection.

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