6"W - 10"H - 2"D
Pic 40 not Yet Available
This ( 6"W - 10"H - 2"D ) rock is two brown polished rocks, attached to a piece of paneling and what more could I say except that there have been No elephants around here since I have hung it up.   Based on that scientific knowledge and data, I would conclude that it works and is 100% effective.   What would your conclusion be?   Can you dispute it?
The signs read:

NOTICE: There are no elephants around here!
This rock is made from ancient, highly concentrated,
aromatic, Herb's, lethal to elephants for miles.
Glaciers, pressed the herb's into a rock like shape.
Just your being here, will repel elephants,
from your home for up to a week or more!
Stop back once a week, and dine with us.
Why not keep elephants out of your home?

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This Rock creation is presented for your entertainment by Don McClellan
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