9"W - 10"H - 1"D
Pic 34 not Yet Available
This ( 9"W - 10"H - 1"D ) rock is a piece of sheet rock framed with some pine slabs and just points out that many times we see something so often that it is taken for granted and we no longer notice it.   I call it being invisable and this brings about the "Invisable Rock".   The tab is a magnet that when pressed, tips and lets you know that its sheet rock, that you see daily, as if it were invisable.
The signs read:
Seen by everyone daily and invisable to them.
They see right past it, without seeing it.
Like an old friend that you neglect to recognize.
They blend in and become un-noticed fixtures.
You are looking at a Invisable Rock right now.
Your blinded from its presents and plainess.
Press the tab to make it Visible to you!
This Invisible Rock is SheetRock

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This Rock creation is presented for your entertainment by Don McClellan
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