18"W - 22"H - 11"D
Pic 30 not Yet Available
This ( 18"W - 22"H - 11"D ) rock is mounted on a small pine slab and has an oak branch complete with a bird nest used to supply the setting.   I added an inch worm, a lady bug and some tree mush rooms to the setting which is built around the OOH AAH bird joke.   I called the bird, a "Red Crested Rock-In-Tree, which is made of rocks and I also made a 4 inch egg to fit the nest.   Under the egg when you lift it, there is also a baby "Rock-In-Tree" bird.   The oak leaves and acorns are just a part of the oak branch.
The sign reads:
"Red Crested Rock-In-Tree"
or "OU - AH" bird.
This small 2 inch bird,
lays a large 4 inch egg.
When she lays this egg,
She lets out a loud!
O O O O O U U U U U - - - -
- - - - A A A H H H H H H !

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