10"W - 19"H - 6"D
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This (10"W - 19"H - 6"D ) stone is setting in a cradle of an unusual looking knot from a tree which allows the "Holy Stone" to be removed so you can witness the miracles as they take place.   You can see the thousands of glittering spots on the stone that seem to twinkle like stars, plus you are able to look through solid stone when you hold it to your eye and last, you can poke your head through the hole, without hurting yourself or the stone, which means when you are through, you will be instantly smarter.   There is also a white angel ball at the top and a red devel ball at the bottom, as though to say angels are white and go up and devels are red and go down, plus there are a medal and cross on the set, to add to the Holy theme.   P.S. You can also poke your body through the hole in the stone without hurting yourself or the "Holy Stone".
The signs read:

Watch while (four) near miracles
take place before your very eyes.

1. You will become instantly smarter.
2. Look closely, you will see thousands
of twinkling stars, as on a clear night.
3. When you concentrate hard, you can
see through solid stone.
4. Last, It will be a tight fit on your neck
but, you can poke your head through
the Holy Stone without breaking the
stone or hurting your head.

To see the last miracle, you must carefully
remove the stone from the cradle, then
follow the short message, found at the
back of the stone.


Second sign located in back of the stone reads:
As I place my finger through the hole.
Then poke my head with the finger tip that shows.
The miracle mentioned, I began to know.
I'm smarter now.

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