9"W - 11"H - 4"D
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This ( 9"W - 11"H - 4"D ) rock has been colored to match a Holstein cow and fit with the milk theme. There are 3 milk caps, 2%, 100% and SKIM mounted on a piece of panel and the Rock to be Pasteurized, is suspended on a chain in front of them so you can start the "Pasteurized Rock" swinging and witness the pasteurization of it, right before your eyes.   It only takes a minute to pasteurize this rock!   The process all takes place with a milk bottle in the background to keep you thinking Milk!   After a few swings, you will often hear a chuckle, as the person performing the pasteurization comes to a simple realization.   A lot of things get Past Your Eyes!
The sign reads:


"You can witness the pasteurization of this Rock!"

(A) Look closely at the 100% button, holding your head steady.
(B) Move the rock up in front of the Skim button and release it.
(C) The rock will swing LEFT, past your eyes, then RIGHT past your eyes.
(D) After a few swings, the ROCK will have been "Past Your Eyes".

( You got to see it as it happened. )

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This Rock creation is presented for your entertainment by Don McClellan
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