8"W - 11"H - 1"D
Pic 21 not Yet Available
This ( 8"W - 11"H - 1"D ) rock is nothing more then 22 small rocks mounted on a piece of panel, to spell out the two letters "E" and "R" with Rocks.   There you have a Rock "ER" !   This is what I call a rather dumb rock, but it brings a chuckle and that is all any of them are about.   If anyone see's some humor in it, Great!   It did its job!   Do you have a Rocker?
The signs read:

This is a ROCK - "ER"

What does your Rocker look Like?
If your not ON your Rocker.
You must be OFF your Rocker.
Is that (CRAZY)? Or what?

Send Me Your Comments About This Rock   Its always appreciated.   Thanks!

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This Rock creation is presented for your entertainment by Don McClellan
Don McClellan, Owner
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