7"W - 27"H - 7"D
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This ( 7"W - 27"H - 7"D ) rock, I just had to make, because we are so use to bird feeders, I thought that a rock feeder would be humorus.   The feeder is made out of glass so you can see when the feed is low, which happens to be gravel.   What don't show on the photo is a pendulum that has 7 rocks for weight and when it swings, the 2 larger rocks at the feeder, bob up and down eating gravel while a bird quacking sound is heard coming from a small speaker.   The prices you see on the sign are all meant to be humorus.   When the pendulum is swung is does get attention and brings a chuckle and thats what its all about.   Some more Rocks For Fun! that make people laugh or chuckle.
The sign reads:


Help protect an endangered species.
Be kind to your feather-less Rock friends.
Snow cover hides their natural feed, causing them to disappear in winter.
Most people will not see Rock's until Spring.
With a Rock Feeder your favorite Rocks can be around all Winter to enjoy.
NOT a DNR supported or Federally funded project!

*PRICE   ONLY : $746.49 plus shipping, handling, setup and instructions.
*FEED   ONLY : $5.00 for 50 LBS. (Summer price)
                    $48.00 for 50 LBS. (Winter price)

Not made in Japan, China, or Taiwan

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