8"W - 12"H - 4"D
Pic 18 not Yet Available
This ( 8"W - 12"H - 4"D ) rock which is mounted on some paneling and has a shelf for the "Talking Rock".   It is set up with two signs.   The first one you see in the photo and the second one drops down after you push the results button.   The sign is getting a spectator to talk out loud to the Rock, thinking it is a talking rock, but it is really, as it says a talking rock instructor named Mike as they see when they get the results.   The glasses are a pair of my old glasses modified to fit the rock and the microphone was added to look like he would talk back to you.   It does get people to talk out loud to a Rock. :)   That is far better then talking to yourself.   Wouldn't you agree?
The signs read:

The front or exposed sign reads:
Please! follow the instructions closely!
1. Please! speak loud at Mike.
2. Say! "MA, MA"
3. Say! "PA, PA"
4. Say! "Testing, Testing, ONE, TWO, THREE."
5. PUSH the button to get the results.

The covered or back sign with the Results reads:
For a human being, you did very well on your first talking lesson!
I didn't say I could talk.
My name is Mike.
I'm a TALKING ROCK instructor, not a talking Rock.
I instruct humans. Would you like to try more lessons?
Say "Yes" or say "NO" or have you forgotten all I taught you?

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