5"W - 12"H - 4"D
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This ( 5"W - 12"H - 4"D ) rock is a plastic soda bottle with a net around it and inside the bottle is a smaller net with a net containing the "Net - Rock".   I just felt that with the internet being a big as it is, I would have a Rock associated with it, calling it the Inner-Net and "Net-Rock".   For some people, they see some humor in this and their are others that just don't get it.   You Know! Inner-Net, Outter-Net.   The reference to "" is because that was my internet provider at the time.   This is all mounted on a piece of paneling.
The signs read:


The internet now has ROCK's using it, for surfing the WEB.
This ROCK you can see, is on the inner net.
Tax dollars, fund putting people, places, and things on the NET.
This is not one of Billy's federally funded internet projects.
Our local internet provider, for people is NETNET.NET
This ROCK, is on a loco provider called just plain NETNET.
Rocks must be smarter, they only need 2 NETS to get on with it.
People use ""


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