7"W - 14"H - 6"D
Pic 12 not Yet Available
This ( 7"W - 14"H - 6"D ) rock is another action rock.   It is all mounted on a slab of a Birch tree with two Birch branches behind the rock which hides the action mechanics.   Two large tree mush rooms form the sign holder and the shelf for the rock to set on.   There is a push button provided, so you can listen to a recording of more details.   After you read the sign, you are probably thinking about falling rocks!   When you push the button to listen to more details, the rock on the shelf comes flying out in your face.   Most people duck or jump back, when the rock flys out, but only to find out the rock that was setting on the shelf is nothing but a FOAM, Rock look alike.   This seems to be a very popular rock, that everyone wants to show somebody else, so they can watch them jump back, like they just did.
The signs read:


Many people are injured or killed
each year by falling rocks.
This One Hit Me!

For More Details
Push And Listen

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