14"W - 20"H - 8"D
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This ( 14"W - 20"H - 8"D ) rock is the camouflaged egg, that you see sitting on top of this part of a fence post that was cut off, complete with the barb wire and insulator as you see it.   I mounted the post on top of a piece of Birch bark for a background and added a number of wild weeds along with some mush rooms for decor and camouflage.   The sign is to get a person thinking Rattle Snake and it coming out of nowhere to protect its one egg on top of the fence post.   It then entices a person to pick up the egg, to hear the unusual "Rattle-Tink" sound.   Most people will let curiosity take over and when they pick up the egg they are in for a surprise.   The fence post splits open and out springs a 6 foot "Rock-Fence Rattler to protect its egg.   If you look close at the picture, just under the barb wire, you will see a saw cut that allows all this to happen and the picture below with the trap door open shows you the magnetic, spring, mechanism that allows it to work.   I also have a set of rattles made of stones at the bottom of the sign, all to get you thinking, Rattle Snake.   This one gets the heart pumping!   Bottom line is, they really get a kick out of it!
The sign reads:

This one is real

(A Master of Camouflage)
Nests are located on old fence posts near piles or rock fences.
They usually lay only one egg, on top of a decaying fence post.
Heat from the sun hatches the baby rattler egg.
The art of camouflage is the main protection besides poison,
for both the adult rattler and its egg.
This poisonous rattler, can grow 6 feet and is very protective,
it will sometimes appear out of nowhere to guard its only egg.
By gently shaking this egg, you can hear its unusual rattle:
"Rattle-Tink", "Rattle-Tink", "Rattle-Tink".

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