8"W - 20"H - 12"D
Pic 10 not Yet Available
This ( 8"W - 20"H - 12"D ) rock is built into a hollow Birch log with just the bark left.   That is an actual wasp nest on the bottom and a number of paper wasp cones on the inside which has actual wasps attached to them.   The Bee hanging from the nest is made of Rocks, while the sign leads a person to shout BOO BEE! 3 times into the end of the hollow log.  Its some what humorus to hear an adult shouting BOOBY 3 time into a hollow log, before they realize what they are saying.   When a person pulls down on the BOO Bee rock at the bottom as instructed, they a met with the sound of a swarm of bee's coming after them.   There is a convect mirror at the rear of the hollow log which reflects your face back at you when you look in the log.   The only picture you see of "Don" or [me] is right here, as the mirror caught me taking this photo.   Nobody will know it, as the camera hides half of me.
The signs read:


So what really is a BooBee Rock?
We all know what Booby's are!
It's those odd shaped pink rocks
often seen in pairs on a beach.
Their not heard from very often
as most have muzzles on them.
You know! Bra! Bra! Bra, Bra, Bra.
See if you can scare a Bee or two!
Shout "Boo Bee" very loud 3 times
right into the open end of this log.

BOO Bee's Rock
Move it down!

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This Rock creation is presented for your entertainment by Don McClellan
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