9"W - 17"H - 6"D
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This ( 9"W - 17"H - 6"D ) rock really does work as a beverage warmer and cooler, just as the sign says.   A rotted out tree branch provides an excellent holder for the glass and I added a few tree mush rooms on the branch along with a growth from a maple tree at the top for added decor.   The "Rock - Aide" has a knotch in it so it hangs convieniently on the edge of your glass or cup, when not in use.   The smaller rock on the chain provides a sanitary handle to raise and lower the "Rock - Aide" in your beverage.   Someone is sure to pick up and manufacture something along this line, with advertising on it and a Patend to go with it.   People love souvenirs from bars and Rocks love people.
The sign reads:

Warm or Cool your Ginseng, Kool-Aid, Coffee, Soup or Tea.
Place Rock-Aide in the freezer, to cool your drink without diluting it.
Heat your Rock-Aide on the stove, to warm your Coffee, Tea or Soup.
Reusable for years. A converstaion piece, colorful. Bacteria Resistant.
Simply, raise it up and down on the chain, to mix your favorite drinks.
Save this as a souvenir of your unusual drink or night out on the town.
Pass it down as a family heirloom, to be used for generations to come.

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