11"W - 18"H - 7"D
Pic 2 not Yet Available

This (11"W - 18"H - 7"D) rock has a vertebra from a deer for the chest and arms, fitted with 5 stones each to form the paws.   It has fur on its legs with black stone feet showing toe nails.   The head is the wild rock, which has ivory teeth and cat hair.   There are a number of chicken bones spread around the cage floor and on the log he sits on.   There is also a bloody finger on the floor of the cage.   Wild cucumbers and fugus are in the background along with 3 small stones with tails and eyes.   A rock spider hangs from a web over his right shoulder.   The sign at the top is circled with chicken bones.   This is a very dangerous rock, which requires it being caged at all times.
The sign reads:

(Native American Type)
Please, Do Not Feed Rock,
Do Not! Poke At, Or Tease.
Keep Fingers Out Of Cage.
It Loves Lady Fingers.

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