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A sampling of 25 of the rocks.
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Photos of the filling in our 40 different Pasties or ROCKIN-POCKETs.
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8-25-2021      74,000 Lucky Rocks completed
Aug 25, 2021 over 74,000 people have their very own Lucky Rock.

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There are about 558 different rock creations in the process of being completed, with 413 completed and 145 to do, as of the date noted at the bottom of this page.

These are truly "One-Of-A-Kind" rocks, which represent mostly spontaneous humor which is best understood when you can view the actual rocks or read the caption cards and descriptions included with the rocks pictured on this website.

These are provided for a chuckle and for your entertainment.    Enjoy!

I never really wanted or intended to, sell any of these "One-Of-A-Kind" rocks.

Due to popular request, all  $2,934,093.83 of the rocks, are now priced.
Be sure to check all the humorous prices and shipping costs at the above links.
These unusually high prices hopefully, will insure that the rocks are never sold!

I hope you found a chuckle in one of the many rock creations.   Rock-Index
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